First of all, it is necessary to regular check the connection of the garbage truck wiring, the main method is visual, see the garbage truck wiring is a bundle of wireless skin cracks, slow contacts, lenses and so on. It is not certain that the representative is normal, if it exists, you must go to the garbage after-sales service point for a further detailed inspection.

Secondly, it is necessary to regularly check the pressure of the tires of the garbage truck, the conditions of wear of the tread, the phenomena of loss of the nuts. This control cycle is the best for once a week, the method is visual first, so go to the test to slide the garbage truck to see if there will be a deviation or a pendulum feeling, if any, don’t to force Use, otherwise it will appear in the garbage truck driving a large security incident, this time must go to the garbage truck after-sales service point for four-wheel positioning or dynamic balancing control, up to the grill before the official road.

And then to check the garbage truck once a week, the brake oil will be missing, there are hydraulic devices to consider for hydraulic oil.

So, it is to check the garbage truck frame loses, leaky phenomenon. The garbage truck chassis is generally produced by Dongfeng and other manufacturers, these garbage truck chassis can be in the Dongfeng and other UNPROFOR national sales points, so not only for their visual if this is unusual, but also the best for Dongfeng this after the sale of parts of the frame part of the regular maintenance.

Finally, check the garbage fan belt without damage or breakage, adjust belt tension and timely replacement.

A special attention is that the garbage truck’s braking system usually controls, the garbage truck’s brake is the role of friction generated by the braking effect of the process. But after a long period of use, the garbage truck’s brake will be caused by water, sediments and other dirty debris that will cause a sharp drop in the coefficient of friction, so that the braking effect of the garbage truck will be greatly reduced , On the road and there could be many security incidents, resulting in traffic accidents.

The points above are usually the necessary evidence, the only way to ensure the safety and normal use of garbage trucks, and to some extent, to extend the life of garbage trucks, the costs of garbage truck repair