hand trucks, also called trolleys, support vast amounts of weight. The lubricated and pneumatic shafts provide a cushion and fluid guide that allows you to move heavy objects. Tires usually hold between 15 and 40 psi of air pressure, which, when collecting nails, screws or other sharp objects, require repair. A simple plug kit from any auto-parts store is more than enough to create a safe repair for a hand truck tire.

1 Remove the element that caused the puncture. Use pliers if the item is too small to understand.

2 Use the probe from the cleaning kit and smooth out the hole. Immerse the probe in the included lubricant and apply the lubricant inside the hole.

3 Insert a plug into the eye hook from the kit and push the plug all the way through the hole. Pull the plug half out and cut the plug wire with the tire surface with wire cutters.