There are so many commercial fryers on the market today to choose from, so how are you supposed to pick the right one for your business? The first step is knowing which one will be right for you is by going through the information and features and determining the purpose of why you need one. If you have a restaurant or a food truck, you will have different needs since food trucks usually don’t have as many orders as a big restaurant. With that being said, you will have different features that you will want to look at when making your pick of all the commercial fryers on the market. If you run a small cafe, you will also want to be very specific with your selection. This guide is put together to help you choose from the latest commercial grade deep fryers. So let’s get started.

Picking the size of your fryer

Of course, as we mentioned above, there are a lot of factors that will cause you to decide on whether or not you need a big fryer or a small countertop fryer. In order to start choosing which fryer you want to buy, you will need to start by deciding which size makes the most sense for your space. First off, the tank size you choose will determine how much food you can cook at once and per hour. To keep up with big demands and lots of customers, you will need to consider a big tank size. The size of your fryer will usually be measured by how many pounds it can hold. On the high end, some commercial fryers can make up to 80 pounds of food per hour.

So now you will need to do a little bit of figuring to decide how many pounds of food you need to prepare every hour at your business.

Fast recovery time

Yes, the recovery time of your commercial deep fryer is actually really important. What exactly is the recovery time? Why is it important? Well, the recovery time of your deep fryer is referring to how long it takes for the oil to get back up to temperature after it has been cooled down with food. As you may already know, the longer it takes for the heat to recover its temperature, the worst off your food will be. Food that sits in low-temperature oil will have a bad taste and will be a lot more greasy. If you purchase a commercial fryer will be a long recovery time. This can be very bad for your business and can end up costing you a lot of money. So now that you can see what recovery time means and why it’s important you can see why purchasing a fryer with a fast recovery time will be very efficient and will even help you to keep up with those high demands of food orders.

Now you need to decide whether or not to purchase a gas fryer or an electric fryer. Essentially gas fryer will be the most cost-saving for you since gas is usually less expensive to power by as well as gas lines are usually everywhere and already in your kitchens. Gas commercial fryers are also less expensive to purchase. This factor, combined with recovery time, can also affect how long or how short the recovery time is. You will need to put all these factors into consideration when deciding on which commercial air fryer to purchase.