Buying a car is a long process. People who save up for a specific thing knows how much determination it takes to finally get to the goal. I, myself, have been victim of saving up for several things. Buying something as big as a car requires lifelong savings which is why when the automotive finally comes within your sight, it becomes your goal to cherish it and maintain it to the fullest. However, there are certain things that are not known to the people who buy cars for the first time. Here is a list of things that can help all of you beginners in keeping your ride smooth and attractive.


Different kinds of fluids are present within a car that keeps the motor running and assist in increasing the efficiency of the car performance. These fluids, being the driving motion of the car, need to be kept in golden condition in order to generate the required performance. If, however, you ignore the fluid levels, you will become a victim to maintenance options that might be too expensive for your budget.

Warning lights

The most basic form of car maintenance criteria is to be aware of the abnormalities that exhibit themselves whilst driving. The key is to read the instruction manual of your automotive profoundly in order to know what could have occurred out of the norm. Warning lights help you detect those problems beforehand so that you do not have to suffer the horrible outcome present at the other hand.

Tire pressure

Tires lose air every day no matter the quality or the price of the tires. Hence, it is always better to check the pressure of the pressure of the tires once every two weeks in order to keep them running smoothly. Because let’s face it, nobody would like to suffer a tire puncture in the middle of the day, when you are on your way to an important meeting or appointment.


Just like warning lights, hums coming out of your automotive can tell you a lot. Any abnormal buzz or sound reaching you ears might just be a warning, indicating your sudden appointment to a perth mechanic.

Air filters

It may not be practically visible but the maintenance of your car provides the performance that will define the difference without it. Air filters are part of the engine that allow air to come through. If the air is impure and contains debris or dust, it may not alter the visual condition of the engine but will affect the car’s overall performance. Hence, it is better to replace the air filters every once in a while to increase the efficiency of the engine.